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DJ GOJABEAN Fleet Heat Vol 28 (Hip Hop & R&B)

DJ GOJABEAN Fleet Heat Vol 28 (Hip Hop & R&B)

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  • Me Or The Papes (Clean)

    “Me Or The Papes (Clean)” by Jeru The Damaja. Released: 1997. Genre: 90’s Hip Hop.

  • It Doesn't Matter (Clean)

    “It Doesn’t Matter (Clean)” from It Doesn’t Matter by Tory Lanez. Released: 2022. Genre: R&B.

  • TOTEM (Clean Extended)

    “TOTEM (Clean Extended)” by Talal Mezher. Released: 2022. Genre: Moombahton.

  • Jiggle Jiggle (Intro/Clean)

    “Jiggle Jiggle (Intro/Clean)” from Jiggle Jiggle by Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux Feat.Jason Derulo & Amelia Dimz. Released: 2022. Genre: Mainstream.

  • WILD (Clean Extended)

    “WILD (Clean Extended)” by DJ Precise Feat.Jonn Hart. Released: 2022. Genre: House.

  • One in The Head (Dirty)

    “One in The Head (Dirty)” from Just For Now (Mixtape) by Trece 7ev. Released: 2021. Genre: Hip Hip.

  • Critical (Prod By Domingo)

    “Critical (Prod By Domingo)” from Critical by Kool G Rap Feat.Nems. Released: 2022. Genre: Hip Hip.

  • Amused (Clean)

    “Amused (Clean)” from Amused by Jnr Choi & Fivio Foreign. Released: 2022. Genre: Hip Hip.

  • Chaa Chaa Chaa (Clean)

    “Chaa Chaa Chaa (Clean)” from Chaa Chaa Chaa by Girll Codee. Released: 2022. Genre: Hip Hop.

  • Throwback (Intro/Clean)

    “Throwback (Intro/Clean)” from Throwback by Rotimi Feat.Jnr Choi & Blackway. Released: 2022. Genre: Afro Beat.

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